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Play Pause Unwind 2 S.E.A.L. Linked CD


  • 01 Welcome 2 (4:44)
  • 02 New Beginnings (5:28)
  • 03 One World (7:06)
  • 04 Say No To Bullying (4:21)
  • 05 The Archer (7:15)
  • 06 The Windmill (6:25)
  • 07 Fireworks Night (8:30)
  • 08 The Igloo (5:41)
  • 09 The Autumn Lake (5:12)
  • 10 The Beach (1:59)
  • 11 The Fairground (11:15)
  • 12 (Bonus) Unwound Sound 2 (12:00)

Running time: 1h 20m

RELAXATION WITH ATTITUDE! is back with ten brand new inspirational guided visualisations linked to the Goverment’s Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (S.E.A.L.). Each skilful exploration of speech, music and effects will take young and old on a life-enhancing journey to peace, confidence and well-being. All played out? Now Play Pause Unwind 2!

The success of Play Pause Unwind in schools inspired Angela and Simon to look again at S.E.A.L. and produce a whole new spectrum of visualisations for all the family. “Whatever our age, we all face similar challenges in our lives and relationships. Developing effective coping strategies for these situations should be a fantastic experience.” Play Pause Unwind 2 creates this experience through a series of visualisations that are realistic, relevant and above all, fun!

Play Pause Unwind has been designed for use in school as well as with your family at home.

In school, each track can be listened to as a stimulus for discussion to help develop children’s social and emotional literacy, or simply as an aid to relaxation after lunch or at the end of a busy day. The tracks can also be used as a cool down at the end of a P.E. lesson or as a starting point for lessons across the curriculum.

Main SEAL themes covered: New Beginnings, Empathy, Say No To Bullying, Going For Goals, Getting On And Falling Out, Self-Awareness, Changes, Good To Be Me.

Also contains: Preliminary wind-down, Short relaxation, Long relaxation, World music soundscape.


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