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Reward Bookmarks + Stickers Pack

Are you getting your 3 a day? Well now you can keep check with these large, glossy, personal reward bookmarks. The Play Pause Unwind mantra is on one side to remind you how to keep a healthy lifestyle…

PLAY: Be active, eat healthily, learn and create.
PAUSE: Think how you, others and the planet relate.
UNWIND: Relax, sleep well and regenerate.
Do these 3 each day and life will be great!

…and on the other side are 30 little spaces (3 for each day) where you can stick your earned mini Play, Pause and Unwind buttons. There is also a space for your name at the top and, when you’ve successfully played, paused and unwound 10 days worth, you get to stick a large, “I’m a PPUer!” sticker at the bottom to reward all of your good work. Reading may count as playing, pausing or unwinding, so with these bookmarks you’re always one step ahead!

Each pack contains:
30 large, laminated bookmarks (210mm x 52mm)
900 mini Play Pause Unwind button reward stickers
30 large, “I’m a PPUer!” reward stickers


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