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Play Pause Unwind MP3 Digital Downloads

ANGELA BUILLARD-MEADEN (MCSP, MMACP, MAACP) has teamed up with media composer SIMON RAMET to produce this groundbreaking collection of visualisations. This unique blend of interactive filmscore techniques and inspired guided scenarios will take young and old on the most relaxing, enhancing and immersive journeys to peace, confidence and well-being.

A chance meeting at the BBC led to Angela and Simon teaming up to produce these exceptional music therapy visualisations: “Being very family orientated, we knew we wanted to help children and parents, particularly those that may be going through stressful situations. The challenge has been to achieve accessibility for all ages simultaneously – to relax kids as well as adults – so that as well as being fantastic to listen to on your own, the visualisations create a really special experience when enjoyed with family and friends.

More downloadable tracks coming soon!

My Kite (6:29)£1.49

By kids for kids! This is the audio MP3 – video will be available soon.
The Maze (7:33)£1.49

A motivating confidence builder.
Not Angry Anymore (4:40)£0.99

Manage those frustrations with a little reflection.
The Pool (7:30)£1.49

Relaxation for the body.
The Island Paradise (5:44)£0.99

Relaxation for the mind.
The Dancer (5:56)£0.99

You overcome your inhibitions through music.
The Campsite (6:20)£1.49

Enjoy a fresh, new morning.
The Snow (5:45)£0.99

A winter’s treat, playing out with friends.
No-one Is Ever Lost (5:56)£0.99

You never need to feel alone again.
The Rainbow (6:33)£1.49

Seven reasons why it’s good to be you.
One World (7:06)£1.49

Take a trip into space and look back on the world.
Say No To Bullying (4:21)£0.99

You find a way to help yourself and the bully.
The Archer (7:15)£1.49

You select your best qualities to hit your targets.
The Windmill (6:25)£1.49

After a disagreement, the cool wind clears your mind.
Fireworks Night (8:30)£1.49

An exciting event with friends allows you to reflect.
The Igloo (5:41)£0.99

A sensory experience with many changes.
The Autumn Lake (5:12)£0.99

A lakeside walk gives you a chance to reflect on your qualities.
The Beach (1:59)£0.49

A short relaxation. Ideal for a quick fix.
The Fairground (11:15)£1.99

A longer visualisation with all the fun of the fair.

PLEASE NOTE: Audio samples are at reduced quality to aid streaming. All purchased downloads will be high quality 192kbps MP3 files.

Royalty free music

Due to popular demand, Play Pause Unwind will soon be producing a series of royalty free backing tracks for use in clinics or for producing your own visualisations. What kind of soundtracks would you like? Click here to share your ideas.

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