How relaxation benefits our health

or Why should we and our patients learn and practice relaxation?

Relaxation is a positively perceived response of the body and mind in which a person feels relief of tension or strain – wellbeing.

Research indicates that regular experience of this relaxation response, protects the body and mind from unnecessary strain and wear which leads to illness. Regular relaxation has a significant beneficial effect on stress related health problems and behaviours.

Play Pause Unwind use a variety of recognised relaxation tools to optimise success, enjoyment and compliance – deep breathing, progressive muscular relaxation and imaginative visualisation imagery. Supported by an immersive original soundtrack, the relaxation response is enhanced by captivating music, hypnotic rhythms, and creative use of physiological and environmental sounds.

Play Pause Unwind is easy to use, enjoyable and effective. A relaxation resource designed to allow healthcare professionals to teach and patients to achieve a successful relaxation response. It can be used during treatment sessions, with groups and at home. CD’s and downloads are fully supported by clinical notes, an interactive website and a programme of workshops.

Is Play Pause Unwind a brainwave? We think so! But definitely an alpha wave.

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Royalty-free Relaxation Music

Due to popular demand, Play Pause Unwind are now producing Royalty Free backing tracks for use in clinics or for producing your own visualisations. Click here for more information.

3 Responses

  1. What a great resource!

    • angela says:

      Thanks,it was patients at the clinic asking for the visualisations to be put on tape that set me off on this project. I use it a lot with sports either for performance visualisation or as relaxing cool downs too

  2. I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!

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