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Play Pause Unwind Teaching Pack


  • 01 Welcome (5:08)
  • 02 The Maze (7:33)
  • 03 The Castle (7:41)
  • 04 Not Angry Anymore (4:40)
  • 05 The Pool (7:30)
  • 06 The Island Paradise (5:44)
  • 07 The Dancer (5:56)
  • 08 The Campsite (6:20)
  • 09 The Snow (5:45)
  • 10 No-one Is Ever Lost (5:56)
  • 11 The Rainbow (6:33)
  • 12 (Bonus) Unwound Sound (9:54)

Running time: 1h 18m

Main SEAL themes covered: New Beginnings, Relationships, Self-awareness, Good To Be Me, Motivation, Feeling Safe, Managing Feelings, Overcoming Inhibitions.

Also contains: Preliminary wind-down, Relaxation for the body, Relaxation for the mind, Seascape (may aid ADHD/ADD concentration).

Product description

Pack now includes:

    • 50 page SEAL-linked Teaching Notes booklet with over 150 cross-curricular teaching activity ideas
    • Accompanying 12 track audio CD (over 1 1/4 hours of original soundtrack)
    • Play Pause Unwind Healthy Living wall poster (A3 size)
    • Relax and Reward Bookmark with mini-button progress stickers and large prize sticker
    • “I’m a PPUer!” 38mm Reward Badge

      Play Pause Unwind is a series of therapeutic relaxation visualisations relevant to real-life situations. Each track combines narrative, music and sound effects and can be used as a stimulus for discussion to help develop children’s social and emotional literacy, as a starting point for lessons across the curriculum, as a cool down at the end of a P.E. lesson or simply as an aid to relaxation. The accompanying teaching notes produced by Deputy Headmistress, Lorraine Ramet (BSc [Hons], PGCE, NPQH) detail the main SEAL foci and provide over 150 cross-curricular ideas.

      Click here to download the sample pages.

      - 12 track audio CD
      - Over 1 1/4 hours of original soundtrack
      - Accompanying 50 page SEAL-linked booklet
      - Over 150 cross-curricular teaching activity ideas
      - Complete visualisation scripts
      - Accessible to children, adults and all ability levels
      - Lesson-friendly track running times
      - Bonus track may aid ADHD/ADD concentration
      - Track titles include ‘No-one Is Ever Lost’ and ‘Not Angry Anymore’
      - Essential information on stress and relaxation techniques
      - Instructions for relaxation training


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