AACP Conference 15–17th May 2010

Angela took Play Pause Unwind to Wyboston Lakes Conference centre for this years conference. It was great to meet so many of you – Delegates, Trade reps and Organisers.

It was my first time as a Trade Rep rather than a Delegate – a really enjoyable experience and a learning curve!
Thank you for being so complimentary and enthusiastic about the relaxation music CD’s . Thank you too for your fantastic feedback on where you think Play Pause Unwind will be useful in practise – to complement needling or massage, as a cool down after Pilates or rehab sessions, in fertility clinics, with mental health patients, anti and post natal groups to name a few. Or lots of you were just keen to use it to unwind after a busy day or before a stressful meeting.
We have some important new areas to think about, for example Dementia patients and their carers – perhaps becoming involved in the innovative memory cafes using the visualisations to trigger movement, sound and emotional memories that can help to bring sufferers out of their isolation.
We’d also like to work with you in conjunction with the CSP’s Move for Health and Stress at work campaigns. Play Pause Unwind is a great outreach tool in schools and businesses. We can help you organise events with press releases and leaflets etc. We have already been working successfully in Junior and Senior schools and have produced educational resources with Senior teaching staff and Healthy Schools to link relaxation to cross curricular activities meeting the Government’s Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL) requirements.

We are looking forward to link ups with some of the other Companies present who were also very supportive and gave us “rookies” some really helpful advice and encouragement.

Can’t wait for next year…

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