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Play Pause Unwind 2 Teaching Pack


  • 01 Welcome 2 (4:44)
  • 02 New Beginnings (5:28)
  • 03 One World (7:06)
  • 04 Say No To Bullying (4:21)
  • 05 The Archer (7:15)
  • 06 The Windmill (6:25)
  • 07 Fireworks Night (8:30)
  • 08 The Igloo (5:41)
  • 09 The Autumn Lake (5:12)
  • 10 The Beach (1:59)
  • 11 The Fairground (11:15)
  • 12 (Bonus) Unwound Sound 2 (12:00)

Running time: 1h 20m

Main SEAL themes covered: New Beginnings, Empathy, Say No To Bullying, Going For Goals, Getting On And Falling Out, Self-Awareness, Changes, Good To Be Me.

Also contains: Preliminary wind-down, Short relaxation, Long relaxation, World music soundscape.

Product description

Pack now includes:

    • 50 page SEAL-linked Teaching Notes booklet with over 150 cross-curricular teaching activity ideas
    • Accompanying 12 track audio CD (over 1 1/4 hours of original soundtrack)
    • Play Pause Unwind Healthy Living wall poster (A3 size)
    • Relax and Reward Bookmark with mini-button progress stickers and large prize sticker
    • “I’m a PPUer!” 38mm Reward Badge

      Play Pause Unwind is a series of therapeutic relaxation visualisations relevant to real-life situations. Each track combines narrative, music and sound effects and can be used as a stimulus for discussion to help develop children’s social and emotional literacy, as a starting point for lessons across the curriculum, as a cool down at the end of a P.E. lesson or simply as an aid to relaxation. The accompanying teaching notes produced by Deputy Headmistress, Lorraine Ramet (BSc [Hons], PGCE, NPQH) detail the main SEAL foci and provide over 150 cross-curricular ideas.

      Following the success of Play Pause Unwind in schools across the country, this second collection in the series has been developed using feedback from pupils, teachers and The Healthy Schools Partnership, to cover the SEAL themes for your entire year. With themes such as ‘Say No To Bullying’, ‘Fireworks Night’ and ‘The Fairground’ this all-new collection of visualisations is RELAXATION WITH ATTITUDE!

      Click here to download the sample pages.

      - 12 track audio CD
      - Over 1 1/4 hours of original soundtrack
      - Accompanying 50 page SEAL-linked booklet
      - Over 150 all-new cross-curricular teaching activity ideas
      - Complete visualisation scripts
      - Accessible to children, adults and all ability levels
      - Lesson-friendly track running times starting at under 2 minutes
      - Includes ‘Unwound Sound 2′: world music soundscape
      - Essential information on stress and relaxation techniques
      - Instructions for relaxation training


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